“The Butterfly logo is speaking to you…maybe it’s a sign!”
- Sylvia, Gina's mom

I Did a U Turn

Over 19 years ago, I passed a rummage sale sign while I was driving home from a long, tiring day of work and decided to do a U-turn.  As we all do at rummage sales, I walked up to the home and poked around at the things they were selling. Some people find treasures or highly-collectible paintings or artifacts, I found Linda and Brian Kaminski, the owners of a new company, L’BRI Pure n’ Natural, a fabulous product line and a new career! 

Where I Was

I was struggling in a demanding job with a very difficult boss. I knew deep in my heart that my job was going nowhere fast. It wasn’t something I loved doing and I didn’t have any passion for it. I was newly married to my husband, Tom, and unfortunately, always gone traveling for work. Tom and I had a dream and a twinkle in our eyes to have children and this task isn’t easy when you are always away from your spouse. Something had to change!

I had quickly fallen in love with the L’BRI products, so I thought I would become a consultant just to “give it a try”. I started tinkering around a bit with my so-called side job as a L’BRI consultant and soon realized how much I was enjoying it.  Who wouldn’t enjoy making others happy and confident with healthy skincare and cosmetic products? Building a successful team and loyal customer base with L’BRI Pure n’ Natural was not on my radar.  I didn’t see this tremendous opportunity staring me smack in the face…yet!

A Sign?

When I started, the company logo for L’BRI was a butterfly. These beautiful creatures mean so much to me because my Mother and her sister, my Aunt Judy, had a special love and connection with these colorful flying works of art. I remember the day when my Mom told me she felt I was on to something special with L’BRI! “The Butterfly logo is speaking to you…maybe it’s a sign!” 

Unfortunately, my mother passed away in July of 1999, but her words stuck with me. She encouraged me to spread my wings and give L’BRI a try!  As the old saying goes, “Mother is always right”. That summer, there were a record number of Monarchs that filled the sky

In September of 1999, I called Linda Kaminski – the owner of L’BRI – and asked her to tell me what to do to get this biz going? I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone, end the job I was in and reach for this golden opportunity!

Where I am Now

Even though I knew nothing about this business when I started, I worked consistently and I learned all the skills I needed as I went along. I am now an established, top leader in my field and in my company! It is truly an amazing, on-the-job training opportunity! 

I now live in a beautiful, 1920’s DREAM lake home with my husband, Tom, my daughter, Sylvia, 2 crazy dogs, a parrot, a frog and a koi pond. Waking up every day to our beautiful lake view reminds me of how grateful I am to be able to create this life that I love!

I’m proud to say that because of L’BRI, we earn a 6 figure income while driving a Mercedes, a convertible Mustang (paid for by L’BRI) and we get to travel to incredible destinations. I know my old job wouldn’t have given me all of this!

Most importantly though, besides all the THINGS I have, I love that my husband and I are able to work together from home around our daughter’s school schedule, acting career and many other activities and that I get to help others on my team create their own rich, fulfilled lives and successful L’BRI Businesses!

I am so grateful that I did that U-turn! 

As the saying goes…LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND YOU WILL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE! Let me show you how!